Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Artisan Loaf

My search for free wi-fi has reached its end and I'm coming to you live from a Panera Bread in Dearborn, Michigan!

It's a little strange that they have a firewall here. It's blocking a bunch of sites that aren't even dirty. Is this strip mall on Chinese soil? Is Panera Bread in league with the New World Order? All I know is someone's trying to be the boss of me and I don't care for it!

Anyway, my battery's dying, so a few quick things:

Thanks to everyone who came to the shows on Saturday. Unfortunately, I was blown out with allergies. After the shows, everybody went to a bar down the street while I slept in the car. That is no way to live.

Did I really hear on the news that the FBI is digging for Jimmy Hoffa again? Hoffa's been legally dead since 1982, and the feds are about 0 for 20 looking for him, so I think this must be a hazing ritual for rookie agents. You know, make them fly down to Detroit and work the bulldozer in an old tireyard for a few days before they let them off the hook.

I'm trying to stuff my face at all the junkfood places that are not in New York. So far I've had Steak 'n Shake and Olga's. I still have eyes for Del Taco, A&W and Dairy Queen, but I don't think Arby's will make the cut. I'm not a monster!

I was going through some boxes in my old bedroom and found a VHS tape of a little league all-star game I played in back in 1988 that aired on public access. I forgot all about this game so I laughed when it took me about 20 seconds to strike out in my only at bat. I must have blocked it out. This is the verbatim play by play by the announcer:
Up steps Jesse Popp to the plate. Strike one.

And...he swung at that one even though it was high.

And he strikes out. Jesse is a fan of baseball, basketball and football.

Yes! Future #1 Draft Pick!

Okay, I'm packing up. Good luck!

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