Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get your ass to Mars

Laying the groundwork for a possible mission to Mars, The European Space Agency is looking for volunteers to lock up for 520 days right here on Earth and see if they go crazy.

Unfortunately, according to the application, I am ineligible for a few minor reasons (over 185cm tall, a smoker, not a resident of Europe or Canada, lack of fluency in Russian, no background or relevant work experience in medicine, biology, lifesupport systems engineering, computer engineering, electronic engineering or mechanical engineering). Otherwise, I'd be all over this. So close!

But don't let me stop you. If you read this blog and happen to be a foreign born health nut bilingual scientist with no real prospects for 2010-2012, go fill out the forms and take your best shot at pretend outer space jail!

1 comment:

paul said...

LOL. In your world "non-smoker" = "health nut".