Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Bourne Reminder

I always see The Bourne novels prominently displayed at bookstores but I’ve yet to try one. The movies were pretty fun, but I have to assume they aren’t faithful adaptations as I’m not sure how 80% fights and chases would read:
Then Jason Bourne bashed the guy in the head with a book that he found on the floor and pressed the book against the guy’s face and started punching the book! But then the other guy did this somersault kick thing and it was hard to tell what they were doing but – wait—now they’re in the bathroom. The guy’s got a knife but Jason Bourne just picked up a towel…I think he’s fighting back with a towel! Did the government actually train him to fight back against a knife with a towel? That’s what Jason Bourne is still trying to find out.

“Where’s Bourne now? Get me, Bourne!” said the boss from the control center while everybody yelled and typed away on their spying computers.

Now Jason Bourne just got on a motorcycle and popped this crazy wheelie up onto the -- BEEP BEEP! Look out!
Books are for nerds!

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