Friday, January 30, 2009


This site has a whole bunch of playbills and ads from old timey comedians that are definitely worth a look. The one below is indisputable. Dornfield!

Tap Room

Huh, January’s a little light on posts. Who’s in charge here?!

Sorry, I’ve been busy. And out of town. And so on and so forth. Let me know when I hit a good excuse...

First off, thanks to everyone who attended or helped out with the shows in Ypsilianti. The shows were great fun as was hanging out with everybody and stuffing my face with all manner of cheap food and drinks. Michigan, your cost of living is music to my ears.

A few other quick notes about the trip back home:

Right off the bat, the airport brought an early frontrunner for quote of the year. A security guard yelling at people in line at the gate: “Okay folks, it’s not rocket scientist!”

Over the course of the week, I played with five dogs, three goats and one donkey! I tried to hang out with my mom's cat, but even after 15 years, our relationship is cordial at best. My mom says it's because I walk too fast and it scares him. I don’t buy this for one second! To hear her tell it, everything is because I either walk too fast or don't cook myself enough nice dinners. I don't see why she even takes his side because one morning when I was there he took a whiz in her purse. But anyway, my mom gave me the Little Rascals Complete Collection (eight DVDs!) for Christmas, so the cat can think whatever he wants. I’m the real winner!

I went to the bowling alley with my dad, stepmom and sister one night. There sure were some surly old bats at that place. These were not ladies who bowl because they watched The Big Lebowski ten times, they bowl because it’s the one night a week they can get away from the house to drink and throw stuff at other stuff and act like it’s the main event of WrestleMania. They even had my family’s lane turned off mid-game because it was distracting them. Too bad they still only bowled about 125 each. Ladies, you can’t be all business until you’re cracking 200!

Another difference between Michigan and New York: In Michigan it makes the news when Danny Glover is in town. We love our Predator 2!

Finally, I am not normally afraid of flying, but on the return flight to New York I realized I was way up in the sky reading an article about the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly's plane crash and suddenly felt a MAJOR jinx brewing. It was touch and go there for a minute, but I forced myself to buckle down, finish the article and triumph over the voodoo caveman parts of my brain. For once!

Okay, more posts in a bit. Go get some fresh air and come back later!

Monday, January 5, 2009


This is a statue of Vladimir Lenin on the roof of a building in Manhattan:

Not sure why it’s even there, because whenever I pass it, it just makes me think of the scene in Three Amigos! that’s 7:00 into this clip:

Anything that makes me think of Three Amigos! can't be all bad. Here's to the Red Terror!


I came across some interesting information on the stats page for this site:
70.3% of all visits lasted less than five seconds.

20.3% of all visits lasted longer than an hour.
I think this means that most of you aren’t even giving me a chance and the ones who did fell asleep at their computers!

I’ll try to remedy that in 2009. First up, here’s a sneak peek at my new character, The Lady at My Work Who Always Takes Ten Minutes at the Salad Bar and Talks to Herself the Whole Time:
“Hmmmm, do I want tuna? Let’s seeeeeeee...oooh, tomatoes...”
Thank you very much!