Saturday, September 11, 2010


Good grief. I just got online to update this thing and somehow accidentally deleted everything but the blog posts. Whoops!

My 89 year old grandpa has a machine that hooks up to his telephone line. He can use it to receive up to three emails a day, which he prints out and puts in a three ring binder. Then he replies by writing a letter and sending it through the US Mail. I'm starting to think he might be on to something!

Well, anyway, here are some things to chew on while I try to figure out computers*.

An interview I did over at The Comic's Comic.

Jesse Popp Video Update #6:

A couple stand-up clips:

And here's a funny Whitest Kids U Know sketch I have a quick line in, dressed up as the fuzz with Greg Johnson:

And remember:

Beauty Bar Comedy Show
231 E 14th St
Every Sunday with me and Vince Averill. Plus this week we have Rob Cantrell, Matt Goldich, Ben Kissel, Dave Rosinsky and Julia Segal.

Good luck!

*UPDATE: I think I sort of fixed it. Who knows. Stay tuned!