Monday, October 18, 2010

Working Style

Excerpt from The Washington Post:
Those with a desk job, please stand up

Some people can't stand working. Mark Ramirez works standing. 
He is not a waiter or factory worker -- he is a team leader at AOL. Ramirez could, if he wanted, curl into the cushiest leather chair in the Staples catalog. No, thanks. He prefers to stand most of the day at a desk raised to above stomach level.

"I've got my knees bent, I feel totally alive," Ramirez said.

Whoa! Hey Boss, can I stay late tonight? And come in on the weekend, too!? I mean, think of all those years Ponce de Leon spent in the wilds of Florida looking for the Fountain of Youth when turns out it was just STANDING UP AT WORK the whole time! Talk about a paradigm shift! Give my lunch break to charity, I've got some teamwork to do!!!


" like websites, huh?"