Monday, February 1, 2010

All Groundhogs Eve

After months of searching I think I finally have that job lead I’ve been looking for. Yes, today I received an email with this subject line:
I think this is probably from a Fortune 500 company. I heard Steve Jobs has been ill, maybe he wants me take over as the new CEO of Apple? Well, only one way to find out, so I'll just click on the delete button right here and then...whooops!

I snagged a free copy of this week’s L Magazine to flip through while I rode the train yesterday. I've mentioned betting on horses before, so you can imagine my shock when I came upon this excerpt from an article called 25 Cheap Things To Do in NYC:
7. Our favorite OTB is the one on Graham Avenue just before Metropolitan (333 Graham Ave.), because it's always filled with people who make us feel ok about our shaking hands. Remember, the Straight Bet is only two bucks and pays almost double.
That OTB closed back in 2008! It’s a Thai restaurant now! And I'm not even sure where to start with "the Straight Bet is only two bucks and pays almost double."

In conclusion, it’s clear to me now that L Magazine does not currently have any degenerate gamblers on their editorial staff, which casts some serious doubts upon their Cheap Things To Do credentials. Reader beware!

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