Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In my day

A curious intro to this Vanity Fair Article:

Splendor in the Grit
If New York City were to slide back into the crumbling anarchy of the 1970s, as some fear, would that be so bad? The author recalls a time when artists’ lofts were inhabited by actual artists, every subway car held potential drama, and legends–Lennon, Warhol, Garbo–walked the streets.
Technically, John Lennon didn't get murdered walking the streets of New York until 1980, so I guess he has a point. The only thousands of people who got shot in the 1970's weren't even in The Beatles!

And we all know how tourists are worse than crime:
One key difference between the 70s and today is that in the 70s the tourists looked scared. Getting back to the hotel alive was one of the main items on their checklists. Now they beam as if they find everything on display cute and flaunt their bulging shopping bags like hunting trophies, their Midtown experience confirming all of their Carrie Bradshaw expectations. In the 70s, there was a much sharper divide between Us (the battle-hardened veterans who knew the best places to brunch) and Everybody Else.
Whoa, check out the tough with all the brunch smarts! "Grab your switchblade and follow me...I know a joint with 2 for 1 mimosas!"

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Chesley Calloway said...

I want a medal of valor for riding the L shuttle bus all summer.