Thursday, June 4, 2009


It should be noted that I guess I'm on Twitter now until whatever the next thing you need to do comes along and then I'll have to get on that for a while, too. Check it out!

Also, you can listen to me talk on a couple of recent podcasts:

Jumping for Joy w/Zachary Sims and Mark Normand

The Comedy Nerds w/ Dustin D'Addato and McInerney

So, a guy in the building next to my apartment called my landlord yesterday to complain about how he can see an ashtray on my windowsill. It's technically a roughly 6" tall flower pot, but anyway, here's an excerpt of the message from my landlord:
There is a large ashes tray on a window where if it falls the cigarettes butts would fall into the next door rear yard.
Let's take a look at this doomsday scenario:

I can only imagine the three years worth of other things on this block that drove him crazy before he finally got to that. Total fartface!


paul said...

Three posts on two non-consecutive days last week? Please, take a break!

Jesse said...

Uh oh, I took your advice, but now I realize it's possible that you were being sarcastic. I'll have to post something now!

Chesley Calloway said...

Fire! Brimstone! Oh, wait--it's just some cigarette butts... what a jerk!