Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Blood for Bjork

Uh, turns out Iceland only spends $11 million a year on national defense. We’ve had a rough go of invading countries lately, so I say we knock out an easy one just for kicks. ICE to see you!

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Jessi said...

When the US entered WWII, a peace keeping party was sent to Iceland to request use of their airport as the US needed a non-sinkable place to refuel prior to the European mainland. They had a poster board which they set up, titled 'The US's Need for Iceland's Airport'.

Iceland refused, as they were attempting to remain neutral.

Someone literally flipped the poster board presentation around, to reveal the other side titled, 'The US's Plans to Seize Control of Iceland'.

Iceland reconsidered, and the US was allowed to use the Icelandic airport. Iceland's only stipulation was that no 'negros' were stationed on the island.