Monday, December 15, 2008

Your number is up

I just went through my archives and realized that I haven't made fun of Natalie Cole yet. An oversight on my part that ends right now! I had occasion to go to Staples yesterday. This is the CD they had on display at the checkout:

You heard her: still! And you’ll never guess what else. The album is all traditional songs plus a duet with her dead dad who is Nat King Cole. And people say that Madonna is the queen of reinvention. Obviously, those people have never been to Staples.

Just to clarify, Nat King Cole died when he was 45 years old and Natalie Cole is now 58 years old. Eventually, this might start to feel a little weird is all.

I guess the next step is to CGI herself into CAT BALLOU.

Boom! A reference to the movie Cat Ballou! And my earlier post about the cookbook for balls? It’s only Monday and I’m already on fire!

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