Monday, November 3, 2008

I got whipped!

I frequently eat at Blue 9 Burger on Sundays before I go to Beauty Bar (you should frequently eat at somewhere on Sundays before you go to Beauty Bar as well). But last night I was at Blue 9 and I found a clump of hair in my french fries. A whole clump! And look, I’d bet I’ve eaten much grosser things than some dumb old hair, but at least those other things had the guts to sneak into me. It’s all about gamesmanship.

Not to be outdone, I just read about a new form of tuberculosis caused Extremely Drug Resistant Tuberculosis (XDR-TB). Right now it's found mostly in the Third World and places like Russian prisons but there have been a number of cases right here in New York City. It has a mortality rate of 40% (as opposed to regular TB's 5%) and the meds used to treat it cost $20,000 and can cause liver damage, violent diarrhea, seizures and psychosis. And you have to take them for two years.

So fair warning: anyone who gives me XDR-TB is going straight into my doghouse. Enjoy the hairy french fries!

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