Friday, October 31, 2008


Broke rich people have got to be some of the biggest dummies in the whole world. I caught a documentary on A&E about Jose Canseco trying to quit steroids. He talked about how he can't find a job and is nearing bankruptcy. Then it cut to him walking around the outside of his chained up, foreclosed mansion. Then, later on, we find out that he managed to scrape up enough money to put a year's worth of rent down on a new place. And guess what? It was another mansion! Jose, all that juice has shriveled your brain in addition to your nuts! Get a bachelor pad, sell your fleet of motorcycles, eat some packed lunches and then you can cancel your boxing match with Danny Bonaduce. Trust me, I'm check to check and have never had to box anybody.

Just going by what I’ve learned of these men from reality shows, this is my impression of them right before the fight:

Jose Canseco: Aw gee whiz, I wish I had bigger muscles and could still play baseball.

Danny Bonaduce: Arrgh, I finally get to box Jose Canseco!!

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