Thursday, May 1, 2008

Got up and took a little walk

I actually helped a little old lady cross the street recently. I had always figured that sort of thing for an urban legend started by the Boy Scouts, but no!

A big gust of wind was having its way with her and she started flipping out. "Mister! Mister! Save me!" I walked over and grabbed onto her arm and she said, "Mister, please don't kill me!" I don't have much experience in holding onto people while they plead for me not to kill them, so I let go of her thinking I had misread the situation. But it turns out that was just her weird old lady way of saying don't let go of her because as soon as I did she said, "Why are you trying to kill me?? Get me away from all the cars! I don't wanna die!" I grabbed her arm again and helped her across the street while she yelled at me about how I had tried to kill her. Once I got her on the sidewalk she slapped me on the arm and went along her brittle way.

Since then, I’ve seen her around twice and both times she was on the sidewalk yelling at people. I’ve assisted a monster!

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Anonymous said...

you did the right thing.