Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ides on The Prize

Unlike most people, I like to wait until March 15th to start my New Year’s resolutions. You see, by now, all the poor lazy souls have fallen back into their old habits of sitting around on beanbag chairs and eating banana splits for breakfast while their copies of The Easy Way to Stop Smoking collect dust on the mantel. This leaves me with plenty of elbow room to update my website and live life to its fullest! I’m doing calisthenics as I type this!

Well, one thing I am actually working on today is sorting through some of my joke paperwork:

I'm afraid I can't quite remember what a lot of it even means. I found one sheet of paper, wondered why I would ever call something "Awesome Act/Discreetly Mine", then realized it was just an old Kentucky Derby bet.

We do what we can!

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