Thursday, December 11, 2008


Let’s see what California is up to:

ANDERSON — A trio of Anderson girls are in hot water with their fast-food employer for dipping themselves into the sink used to clean dishes.

One of the girls bathing in the sink at the Anderson Kentucky Fried Chicken posted the photos on the Internet and after management learned of them, all three were suspended today, said Cheri, assistant manager at the restaurant. She declined to give her last name.

Suspended?? What, can you get tenure at KFC? Does management have to meet with these girls’ union steward first? They took a bath in the sink of a Kentucky Fried Chicken! I feel faint. I think I need to sit down for a minute.

See, this is why I’ve never read Fast Food Nation. By the second chapter I'd probably go rent a car and drive off a cliff. Let's keep the grossness behind closed doors!


paul said...

When I pulled this same shit at the Pretzel Peddler, they made me go on an "unpaid administrative leave," whatever that is.

Jesse said...

Well, Paul, you have an advanced college degree now. Maybe they'll take you back!