Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Power

Looks like the internet has finally hit its stride: Tour Jack Kevorkian’s Apartment

I also saw this: 100 Skills Every Man Should Know. I went through the list and it would appear that I’m only 46% of a proper man. Well, ladies, I guess if you need a fella who can whittle or calibrate HDTV settings, it might be best for you to hit the road. Otherwise, hop in and watch me drive this stick-shift! And maybe later I’ll even change your diaper. Vroooooom!

Mexican scientists turn tequila into diamonds

Of course they do!

Quebec convict freed for being obese

This guy was smuggling in cakes with CAKES on the inside. That's what's called a double switcheroo joke.

And finally, Tony Dow has a sculpture in The Louvre.

Have a good weekend!

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