Thursday, July 3, 2008


I watched a movie called Half Nelson last night. It's about a schoolteacher in Brooklyn who smokes a lot of crack and learns lessons. It was pretty good. Although, I was struck by one scene where he had company over and rushed to tidy up the place so as to not look like a crackhead at the end of his rope and it only took him 20 seconds. I looked around my apartment and figured it would probably take me half an hour and I've never even done regular cocaine. Oh well, there was also a scene where a girl socked him right in the mouth and that's never happened to me, so we'll call this one a wash!

Secondly, here is a commercial for a car dealership which features Ozzie Guillen and Lou Pinella rapping. Now, Ozzie Guillen is mostly just generally bad at rapping, but Lou Pinella is quite simply out of this world! What is he doing?! Did he see somebody rap in 1980 and then somehow manage to never see it again? "You want me to what? Rap? Ohhhh, you mean like that Debbie Harry stuff? Let's do it!"

Anyway, here it is:

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