Monday, June 23, 2008

They Butts

My gift to you today is this direct quote from a drunk guy yelling on the subway this morning:
"The one thing that makes me so happy is that women get old, too! All women gonna get old! And they fart and they butts stink! They take off they panties and they butts stink! And now I gotta go to court for some bullshit?? I’m gonna drink this beer and then another beer and then another beer! You’re all pagans!"

Also, here’s a picture of a squirrel that is cooler than you. Let it sink in that you are not as cool as this squirrel. He's just hanging out!


paul said...

I don't often make Lauren listen to me read something to her from the internet, but that butts monologue plays by its own rules.

Anonymous said...

that squirrel is cool


Jesse said...

Paul, I can only take credit for remembering it.

Stacy, tell me something I don't know!