Friday, April 25, 2008

Temp to Stuffed

One of my favorite things is called a subsidized cafeteria. I can't tell you how or why they come to be, but the place where I work has one and, well, let me just get straight to bragging about it.

This is what I had for breakfast:

20 oz. Starbucks Coffee
16 oz Tropicana (Some Pulp) Orange Juice
Egg Whites, Spinach, Sausage and Swiss Cheese on Flatbread
Small Cheese Danish

Total Price: $3.65!

Here's what I had for lunch:
Slow Roasted Marlin
Steamed Asparagus
Salad (with Chick Peas, Carrots, Olives, Tomatoes, Black Beans and Blue Cheese Crumbles)
Large Ice Water
Slice of Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Total Price: $5.50!
Completely insane. I normally consider it a perk if I don't have to clock out to take a leak and at this place I get to eat sit-down restaurant type food for less than I use to pay to force a Subway 6" Garbage and Cheese Turdwich down my throat for the 9,000th time. I feel like a drifter who snuck onto the dining car and no one's noticed him yet! In fact, and this is not a joke, I was in the cafeteria loading up on blue cheese and I overheard a lady say this:

"Stop by later and I can lend you my opera glasses."

Charmed, I'm sure!


paul said...

Speaking of which, when you moved, did you accidentally take my opera glasses?

Dennis said...

That's incredible. When you can get a breakfast like that for less than a gallon of gas, you are most certainly livin' the high life!

Anonymous said...

i eat microwave lean cuisine everyday at work... i'm jealous


Jesse said...

Paul, I'm pretty sure I put the opera glasses in your ascot drawer. Double check for me.

Dennis, if you’re so worried about gas prices, maybe you should move to Joe Louis Arena and take the People Mover to work. That’s why they built it!

Stacy, don’t be jealous. Once I leave work I eat nothing but garbage!