Friday, February 29, 2008

Dog Shortage Crisis Averted!

Robot as good as real dog at easing lonely hours

The researchers studied 38 nursing home residents who were divided into three groups. One got regular visits from Banks' pet Sparky, another got visits from the AIBO Entertainment Robot, a shiny robot dog formerly made by Sony Corp that used artificial intelligence to interact with its environment and express emotion.

The third group got no visits from either dog.

Now that's what I call here's mud in your eye!

Old Lady: Pardon me, young man, may I visit with either the real dog or the robot dog, too?

Researcher: Sorry Granny, but somebody's gotta be in the control group. Now get back in your room and shut the door!

Old Lady: Please, I'm not long for this world and I'm desperate for companionship...even if it's with a MACHINE!

Researcher: Listen, why do you hate science? Stop trying to look at the dogs!

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Mo Diggs said...

Couldn't they throw her a bone.

Why am I being shown the exit?